5 Most Cruel Animal Moms

1. Burying Beetle

three black insects on green leaf
Burying Beetle

Beetle will feed their kids one by one. But if the food is ran out, the last kids won’t just don’t get the food, but They will be eaten alive by his mom. So Scary Isn’t it?

Burying beetle usually life in the dead body of a mouse. The beetle mom always spawning more then the available foods (Mouse dead body). So to increase the chance to grow for all the kids, the number of the kids must be adjusted to the number of foods.

2. Panda

panda on rock
Panda Mom

Panda Mom will just take care 1 kid, if She has more than 1 kid, The other kid will be leave alone in the wild. Meanwhile the favorite kid will grow healthy with enough food. The other kids will be very thin and sick.

Panda Mom’s actually impossible to provide enough food for the second and after kid, so during 8 -9 first months (when the Panda’s kid can’t seek for food themselves) the kid that don’t get the food must be survive themselves. If not They will die.

3. Hamster

selective focus photography of brown hamster
Hamster Mom

Hamster’s Mom always have too many kids to ensure that the kids will grow perfect healthy. If the kid is not perfect and healthy Mom will eat alive the un-perfect infant. It’s also done when The family get lack of food.

4. Black Eagle

flying bald eagle
Black Eagle

Black Eagle’s Mom don’t care at all the kids are playing deathful game in the nest. There’s no much number of food available and It’s difficult to be found. So the Mom don’t care about the play for test of Their kids, that the strong kid can survive.

5. Rabbit

white and black rabbit on green grass
Rabbit Mom

Rabbit’s Mom will leave the infant alone after she deliver her babies and for the first 25 days she just come to feed the baby not more than 2 minutes a day.

The infant of rabbit is easy target for the predator. That’s way mom try to make the next secret. The way to do that is get away from the nest hole. After 25 days the infant of rabbit can look for the food themselves.

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